About Us

We love hometown pride.  We love to share our pride with others who live here in the Midwest, who have moved here, who have returned here, or who have visited here. 

Our Apparel is the best out there.  Our shirts are designed and printed right here in the Midwest, and we only use American-made clothing, which is hand-sewn in America.  We carefully design our clothing so that you know you are getting an original design that will let you show your North Dakota pride to the world, and will almost always help to start a conversation with friends, family, neighbors and strangers.  

We don't charge for shipping.  We have all had an online shopping experience where we stock our cart with stuff we are excited to buy, only to get to the checkout and realize they are going to charge an exorbitant about for shipping and "handling".  We can ship most of our stuff First Class Mail, so it keeps the cost really low for us and your order still arrives in 2-3 days from shipment.

Apparel made for North Dakotans.